In 2015, IITA focused its efforts on providing training for partners in the national programs, especially scientists and research technicians. Training programs include Professional Capacity Advancement Program, Graduate Research Program, and Short-Term Courses.

The table shows the breakdown for degree-related training: postgraduate students recruited (54 MSc and 45 PhD with 62 males and 37 females) and those who completed the research portion of their degrees at IITA: 70 MSc and 38 PhD students broken down into 55 males (51%) and 53 females (49%).

Summary for graduate students, 2015

MSc PhD Total Grand total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Students commenced in 2015 31 23 31 14 62 37 99
Students completed in 2015 33 37 22 16 55 53 108
Total 64 60 53 30 117 90 207

Training courses and seminars conducted in the different hubs totaled 243 and 110, respectively.
Training topics covered the four major research themes: biotechnology and crop improvement, natural resource management, plant production and health, and social science and agribusiness, and other topics such as monitoring and evaluation, gender, research methods, field trials and data collection and management, extension, safe handling of chemicals, value chains, see production, planting technologies and practices, health and nutrition, marketing collaboration, technical and financial reporting, team building, and science writing.

Seminar presentations in the different hubs featured topics such as CGIAR Research Programs, grant policies and priorities, monitoring and evaluation, bioinformatics, ICT, partnerships, DSpace/CG Space, ICT, communication, gender, administration, food security, proposal development, and tablet based data collection and management, among others.