Excellent facilities for excellent research

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Picture of Harun  Muruthi,  an associate professional officer (APO)

Harun Muruthi, an associate professional officer (APO)

“I am happy to be within the first generation of researchers who can use the state-of-the-art lab facilities in the IITA Science Building in Tanzania,” says Harun Muruthi, an associate professional officer (APO) in plant pathology and recipient of the Wageningen University-administered Lukas Brader scholarship program for outstanding students from sub- Saharan Africa. “I am currently working on soybean rust disease, a fungus. What is the further risk of the already widespread disease for soybean production in Africa and how can we develop rapid diagnostic tools? We need these tools urgently to map the disease and characterize pathogen populations. This will inform soybean breeders to deploy, screen or develop resistance germplasm, which ultimately translates to better soybean production.”

“The Science Building provides me with unique facilities to conduct my research. The architects have created an environmentally friendly building that blends with the surroundings and provides a stimulating environment for research and learning. The building has four labs: pathology, food quality, nematology, and molecular. They are spacious and have modern scientific equipment. Each lab can accommodate more than 15 researchers across disciplines at any given time. This creates synergy through sharing of ideas among scientists. Excellent research can only be achieved in excellent facilities and environment which would attract excellent researchers. We are 37 researchers now, women and men, and we still have space for some more.”

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